Thursday, January 17, 2013

Taken (Review)

Release Date: January 27th, 2012
Genre(s): YA Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance

My Review: (5/5 stars*)

Taken is magically phenomenal. Enchantment was soo good that I thought the sequel might not live up to its success but lo and behold that's exactly what it did. It retained all previous charm and wit and expanded exponentially on its story plot which thickens beyond itself. I could not put this book down! It had me in that reading place where you become suspended in time - I was entirely absorbed by it. Charlotte Abel manages to darken Channie's story, maintain its country appeal, and lay down twist after twist ceaselessly yet subtly. Not for a long while have I been so enthralled with a book that just impressed me nonstop. I'm so happy to have discovered such a truly unique read!

Now that I've raved like mad I'd like to talk about the story. It picks up close to where the last book left off where Channie and Josh marry in an old cabin which leaves us with a steamy cliffhanger. Josh must learn the ways of magic so that he may become as strong as those who would do Channie and her family harm. & His only chance to accomplish that is to embrace his power-name and his rightful magic. Which by-the-way his power-name is really awesome I'd never have thought of something so creative myself. But even though Channie and Josh are finally together they face an even greater danger than before. I really enjoyed how adventurous and action-oriented Taken was, it was constantly moving forward and not for one second did I skim over the words due to lack of interest because I was incredibly entertained and book happy. This series has certainly been a delightful surprise and these can be reread and you'll still find them as enchanting as ever.

As I have stated about Enchantment (A Magical YA Paranormal Romance) - Taken contains sexual content more suitable for teens 16+. Nevertheless it's still a great YA read. Moving on to characters: in book one I felt Hunter was a bit overly creepy towards Channie and I didn't much like his character. BUT in Taken I loved his character a lot, he really grew into a more mature person and his scenes are so comical there were parts I nearly rolled out of my seat laughing so hard. He's become one of my favorite characters of this series, he provides comic relief to the dark undertones of the story. I really hope in the last installment we get to see more of him because he's fantastic and hilarious!

As for Channie I always enjoy reading from her perspective she's a really strong heroine and she's gone through a lot and has much worse to face. She always tries to do the right thing but somehow everything always goes awry - but her intentions are pure of heart. Josh newly given the power-name Valor seems to lack bravery in the beginning of the book but slowly works up to being who he's suppose to which was both frustrating and entertaining. His behavior was a little intolerable especially how he handled some of the situations but he bounced back towards the end and redeemed himself! Josh and Channie's love for each other really drives the entire story and brings out both the best and worst; you see how far two people are willing to go to save each other and it's truly admirable. Lastly Channie's father Money in my opinion was a real low life in the first book but in this novel you realize he's been protecting Channie from different threats and his tough/scum exterior was a giant front. He makes the biggest sacrifice of all and I really enjoyed seeing him in a new light. Some scenes with him in it broke my heart because he finally becomes someone Channie is proud to call her father.

It was a gift to see characters I really disliked in the first book become some of the most endearing characters of this one. Charlotte Abel does a brillant job of making you feel sad one moment and laughing out loud the next. The story was set up so perfectly and ended in the biggest unforeseeable cliffhanger that will have you gripping the edge of your seat with anticipation it's really great and twistedly good. After reading that ending I'm dying to read Finding Valor because if it's anything like it's predecessors than we're all in for an extraordinary conclusion though I'd hardly want to see this series end; unbelievably amazing. This trilogy will resonate with you for a long time!  


Bound by love and magic. Betrayed by those they trust. Not everyone survives.

Gasp-out-loud action, heart-pounding romance and an OMG ending that leaves you hungry for the next book.


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