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Loves of Olympus (#1-2) (Review)

(Books, #1-2)

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Release Date: May 2012
Genre(s): Adult Mythology

My Review: (5/5 stars*)

Upon starting Medusa, A Love Story I had high expectations for whether or not this would be a great mythological story as I've read many before that failed to impress. It only took a few pages in to realize it would not be the latter but one of the very best stories that I have ever read. Compelled from the start I flew through it with a reading speed I didn't think I was capable of. Sasha Summers encompasses mythology and presents it anew through the eyes of Medusa, a woman cursed with serpents locks and looks that could turn a man to stone. You get to learn and understand Medusa's story and see how she became known for her unpleasant appearance as well as her infamous curse. Showing that she wasn't always a monster but a lovely and beautiful woman who'd fallen for a man the gods did not approve of.

This book takes you on a roller coaster chalk full of emotion that will make you both happy and at times teary-eyed. The writing is exceptional and really pulls you into the story as only gifted words can do. While keeping to the original tale of Medusa this also expands on it and turns it into something completely unique and different. The story is enchanting as the complexly layered plot can attest to. Even though many gods and characters are introduced you will find it easy to absorb all the information. I can promise that readers will be gripped by this tragically beautiful love story!

Medusa is priestess to the Goddess Athena serving her loyally for most of her life until she begins to question everything for love. Being with any man during her service of the deity would be immediately punishable but she falls for a man regardless. Ariston is a warrior at heart but when Medusa enters the equation he's willing to do anything for her to make her his. But a god is determined on keeping them apart and having Medusa all for himself therefore creating chaos to obtain her. As Medusa falls prey to love she is also cursed by it. Can the great Ariston save her and himself from damnation by the gods hands or will their love prevail and give hope to those who would champion it?

All fans of mythology should have no problem finding this tale irresistible and fantastic.
The quality of this story rivals that of many of the most finest and talented authors. Sasha Summers delivers mythology like you've never seen it before. She breathes life into this Greek tale and makes you feel every one of the character's emotions. Summers paints Medusa in a whole new light one that will forever change your opinion of her irrevocably. I can easily find myself reading this book many more times and not tiring of it for it's that good! Medusa, A Love Story is a rarity amongst mythological reads - one that should be shared for its astounding beguilement. I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for a mind-blowing love story with extraordinary writing. Even non mythology fans should have no trouble enjoying this exquisitely penned mythological retelling!  


It's said love can change a person. Medusa wasn't always a monster...Medusa is ruled by duty, to her Titan father and the Goddess Athena. She's no room for the tenderness her warrior guard, Ariston, stirs. When Olympus frees her from service, her heart leads her into the arms of the guard she loves... and curses her as the creature with serpent locks.

Ariston goes to war with a full heart... and dreadful foreboding. He learns too late of the danger Medusa faces, alone, and a Persian blade sends him into the Underworld. But death, curses, nor the wrath of the Gods will keep him from returning to her.

Poseidon will use Greece's war to get what he wants: Medusa. He does not care that she belongs to another. He does not care that she will be damned. He is a God, an Olympian, and she will be his.


Release Date: January, 2013
Genre(s): Adult Mythology

My Review: (5/5 stars*)

 For the Love of Hades is a worthy sequel to the astonishingly well written and beautifully told Medusa, A Love Story. I consumed this book nearly as quickly as the first! I was just slightly skeptical to see how this could possibly top its predecessor but realized it wasn't about that at all. Both books are completely their own with two unique stories that should be appreciated separately. Though Medusa and Ariston's story was much more moving, Hades and Persephone's story is nothing short of incredible. The emotional weight each character carries with them is absolutely enthralling. Unraveling the tales behind the gods and mortals is fascinating as each story is as wonderfully tragic as the last. My favorite thing about both books is the opening prologue that shows a significant event that isn't what it seems as you find out upon reading further. Perception plays a huge role and twists the story in ways you couldn't even imagine. You think you know the mythology behind the characters until something unpredictable happens entrancing you ever more.

Hades is emotionless, joyless, and the dark ruler of the Underworld. He'll send your soul straight to Tartarus if you're not worthy of Elysium. He cares nothing for those who reside in Olympus though he must convene with them now and again. He does his job and that is satisfying enough until he stumbles upon the beautiful and innocent Persephone. Persephone is the daughter of the Goddess Demeter. She brings life to everything that grows within the Earth. Hades brings with him death but when he sees the fair Persephone he feels a twinge of emotion unexplainable to even a God. Warring feelings threaten to destroy them both and keep them apart in this deeply captivating tale!

For the Love of Hades is enchanting and begs to be read immediately following Medusa, A Love Story. Each Greek deity has dense layers that make exploring their characters even more exciting. This story picks up around the same time that Medusa, A Love Story is going on so you get to see another side to that as well. Sasha Summers makes each Greek tale worth reading as her stories are brilliantly told and seamlessly intertwined. Easily some of the best mythological retellings I've ever had the pleasure to read. Both myths are spun anew therefore revitalizing them altogether and making them even better than they ever were. If you loved Medusa's tale then you'll undoubtedly love Persephone's. I can't wait for what's in store for the next book which I'm going to grab the second it releases! Sasha Summers captures the very heart and soul of mythology and weaves it into sophisticated and strong stories.


Hades, God of Death, has no heart. Persephone is determined to prove otherwise…Hades, the Lord of the Underworld, has no patience for living things or his Olympian brethren. His purpose is order, administering justice to those who enter his realm, and keeping the balance decreed by the Fates. Meeting Persephone sways his focus, her gentle sweetness threatening his control. But he will not be tempted.

Poseidon’s scheming wreaks havoc upon Persephone. Hades has no choice – he must rescue her.

Hades awakens something within the Goddess Persephone. She feels no fear from his brooding presence. In truth, she’s never felt so alive. Every stolen moment together only confirms her instinct: he is meant to be hers. Such a powerful union suit will face opposition – from Olympus, her troubled betrothed, the Fates, even Hades himself – but she is determined to win his heart.


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  1. I am beyong thrilled that both Medusa and Hades stories received 5 stars! I love these characters so it truly warms my heart to hear others do too! Thank you so much for the time you took to read and review both books!


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