Monday, April 22, 2013

Nichole Chase (Author Interview)

*Hey lovely readers, today is my stop of the Suddenly Royal Blog Tour! Below is my Q&A interview with the talented Nichole Chase, author of Suddenly Royal!!*

~Author Interview~
1. Who are your favorite authors?

I have so many! JK Rowling, Anne McCaffery, Tamora Pierce, Elizabeth Hunter, Rick Riordian, Janet Evanovitch, Liz Reinhardt, Patricia Briggs, Kelly Armstrong, Chloe Neill, Abbi Glines... the list could go on for pages and pages.

2. What scenes do you most enjoy writing? Why?

I love the scenes where the hero and heroine are bantering. They're just so much fun to write. I have to admit, I also love writing the sexual tension bits. All of that pent up desire between the characters is fun to jot down--the want, the love, the need. It's fun! Following that line of thought--the sexy bits are always fun to write too. It's like I'm writing something sneaky, because no one around me knows just what my characters are up to. Actually... there isn't much I don't enjoy writing. Even the scenes that make me cry are enjoyable in a way, because it's usually something I've known was coming for a while and I finally get to let it out of my head.

3. If you had to choose between reading and writing which would you pick?

That is an unfair question! I'd be left in indecision. Reading is something I can't imagine *not* doing. But writing? I have to write. I'd go insane if I didn't get these stories out of my head.

4. Do you have any helpful advice for aspiring authors?

Write. Read. Research. Write. Hire an editor. Even if you're submitting a book to an agent or a pub house, you could benefit by having a nice, tight manuscript. If the agent or publishing house is going to have to try and read through a billion typos or grammar problems, you've shot yourself in the foot.
I'd also say to network--find other writers that you can grow with and trust. Social media makes this much easier than it used to be. (I don't mean you should email, message, or tweet a link to your book to another author you've never spoken to. Build a relationship, don't just ask someone to blurb your book.)

5. Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

I'm currently working on my next book, which is something completely different from my other novels. The Accidental Assassin is an adult romance with a lot of humor. It's set in London, which makes it that much more fun for me to write.

6. What's your favorite beverage?

IZZE Sparkling Blackberry- fortified water. It's delicious and curbs my soda cravings.

7. What are some of your favorite films/TV shows?

I've gotten to where I watch very little TV anymore. With a three year old running around all day, I mainly write at night. I do make time for PSYCH, though. I love those guys.
Movies: I watch anything that isn't going to leave me depressed. Even if I cry during the movie, as long as I leave happy, it's fine. I just don't want to watch anything that's going to leave me sitting in a corner crying somewhere.
The Goonies
Love Actually
Star Wars
The Avengers
Notting Hill
Pride and Prejudice (The Kiera Knightly one-- I know people debate his one a lot, but it's visually stunning.)
All of the Harry Potter movies
Lilo & Stitch (Don't laugh, I love that little blue guy and the message about family.)
French Kiss
PS I Love You
Lady Hawke
Warm Bodies
Shawn of the Dead
Jurassic Park
I'm sure I'm forgetting a million others...

8. What book do you wish you had written?

Harry Potter, for a lot of reasons. I love the world Rowling built and the way she wove such important information throughout the series.

9. Do you have any special places that you like to go to for inspiration?

The Bahamas are great for writing summer themed books. I love writing outside when it's pleasant (and not 110 degrees as it often is in South Georgia.) I'd really love to go to Ireland. I have a story I'd like to set there, but feel like I should experience it myself before I get started.

10. What genre do you find yourself reading most?

I read a lot of paranormal. That being said, I will read just about anything if it grabs my attention. Especially if there is a good dose of humor.


  1. Awesome interview! I can't wait to read Suddenly Royal, it's going to be an awesome book. :)

    Jackie @Jackie's Book World

    1. Thank you! I already had the pleasure of reading Suddenly Royal and it was really good!! My review will be posted tomorrow :)

      Happy reading!


  2. Thank you for having me on your blog!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to do a Q&A, your answers were wonderful :)




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