Sunday, July 28, 2013

Catching Fire (Review)

(The Hunger Games, #2)

Release Date: September 1st, 2009
Published by: Scholastic
Genre(s): YA Fantasy/Dystopia

My Review: (5/5 stars*)

Catching Fire...where to even begin. This sequel is my favorite book of the entire Hunger Games trilogy. It has got every single thing I love from romance, action, suspense, to drama. After reading the Hunger Games I didn't think Collins could surpass reader's expectations but she did. Catching Fire is outstanding in all ways. It's yet again phenomenally written, with multiple layers of character complexities, interweaving stories, and many unpredictable twists. Katniss and Peeta's relationships gets infinitely more complicated, and they have a lot at stake. You'd think that them winning the games would make their lives easier but it actually threatens to destroy all that they've accomplished.

Before reading Catching Fire I was thinking to myself how could Suzanne Collins go any further with story, what could possibly happen next? Once the direction is revealed what the story builds up to is insanely impressive. I didn't see it coming and most likely nor will other readers. Katniss is pushed up against a wall, and comes back fighting harder than ever before. She has so many important choices to make, and if she doesn't make the right ones her family, friends, and the other districts may be put in jeopardy. There's a downpour of emotions and plenty of turmoil to keep your heart pumping. There is a whole new set of characters introduced, and one specifically who took me by surprise. Finnick Odair who is new to the story is insanely awesome. I didn't expect to become a fan of anyone else in the series but he made me fall for him. He's attractive, sharp, clever, charming, and his weapon of choice is a trident. Say what? Yes he impales his enemies with a trident. I was instantly reminded of Aquaman and that comparison mostly rings true. He's a vital character in Catching Fire and he plays a significant role in Katniss and Peeta's lives. The twists and turns in this novel are an unstoppable force. You won't be able to stop reading until you've met the last page, it's that addicting!

Despite the odds against Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark they won the 74th Hunger Games, but their lives are still on display. Now more than ever they have to convince the Capitol that they are as madly in love as they claimed to be. A new type of games is afoot and Peeta and Katniss are given no other option but to be a part of it. With everyone watching their every move Katniss can't afford to slip up or enduring the games will seem like piece of cake compared to what she could now lose. Uprisings are occurring, society rules are getting stricter, and no one is safe from the government. It's up to Katniss to do something about it before things get out of hand and circumstances get even grimmer.

It's an astonishing sequel that will captivate readers in a whole new way. It's intense, has copious action sequences, and digs deeper into the history of the Hunger Games. Uprisings are happening in the outlying districts of Panem, and it's inciting rebellions all over. Katniss is one of the fiercest character's I've ever read about, she does what she has to, and makes selfless decisions. Although I love her character because of her actions I just as easily dislike her for not seeing the obviousthat Peeta and Gale are both in love with her. All the signs are there but she's totally clueless to their feelings, and confused about her own. Peeta is still Peeta, and I just adore his charisma, and his undying loyalty to her. Their relationship is really tested to the limits and how they deal with each other is very amusing.

Catching Fire is riveting from the get-go, and will lure you right into its imaginary, and dangerous world. The violence continues to grow, and the government shows the extent of their power by hitting the districts hard. Katniss and Peeta face life-altering decisions, and not one district is left unaffected. The story is poignant and raw bringing tears to your eyes like nothing you've read before. The characters will move you, and the story will tear at your heart. It's remarkably well-written and stunningly put-together. It's not hard to see the Hunger Games novels sticking around for many decades to come, Catching Fire is a must-read for mature young-adults & older!



  1. I liked this book. And actually,I liked the way Katniss snubbed them. She was concerned about her family (and Panem) she wasn't spending her time fretting over what to do about Peeta and Gale. I liked that there were bigger things going on than "who should I be with". Because there were some big things going on. It's like in the first book when Gale says something about having kids and Katniss is all, "why would I bring children into this world that I'm starving in?" and plus, she's 16 (17 in Catching Fire).
    Catching Fire, in terms of world building was beyond amazing, though, and a great setup for book 3.

    1. I agree the story development was way more important than the relationship between them I just would have liked her to have acknowledged their feelings. It was such an incredible set-up for Mockingjay, there was so much going on behind the scenes!! Suzanne Collins built a really unique world and brought it to life.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! :)


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