Monday, July 15, 2013

Ring in the Dead (Review)

(A J.P. Beaumont Novella, 20.5)

Release Date: July 2nd, 2013
Published by: William Morrow
Genre(s): Adult Mystery/Crime/Suspense

My Review: (4/5 stars*)

Though I've never read any other J.P. Beaumont book before this I can now say that I'm compelled to. Ring in the Dead is the first novella written in a 20+ series and it's a great introduction to the main character Beau that will pique interest. It's a short story totaling just under 100 pages, but it's a solid and absorbing read. It takes the reader back to J.P. Beaumont's first days as a homicide detective. Delving into a past case he worked with his first partner named Milton Gurkey—better known as Pickles. Its got murder and suspense, cop humor, adept writing and nicely paced story development. It's a great lead-in to J.A. Jance's upcoming full length novel Second Watch. It sets up nostalgia for the next book which also has Beaumont recalling past events that conflict with the present time. Those who have already been fans of this series should find this as a nice throwback read, and those new to these books will be curiously entertained.

An unexpected call from J.P. Beaumont's old partner's daughter has left him reminiscing about the earlier days of his career. She asks to meet up with him upon the discovery of papers found in Pickles' basement. The papers are an account of an old case they worked back when Beaumont was just starting out as a rookie detective. He was paired up with Milton Gurkey a.k.a. Pickles and they were working a dine and dash case that turned deadly. He remembers how he and first partner got off to a rocky start and how that all changed when they took this specific case.

Most importantly Jance had my interest from the first couple of pages. I need no further persuading in reading the rest of the novels because I plan to. Dedicated fans of J.P. Beaumont will simply enjoy the flashback into his past, and newcomers will find it just as engaging.


J. P. Beaumont may be an old homicide hand now, but back when he was a rookie working with his first partner, Milton Gurkey—a.k.a. Pickles—things took a turn for the worse . . .

One day, at the end of Beaumont and Pickles's shift, a stop at the Doghouse restaurant quickly turns deadly. Not feeling well, Pickles steps out into the parking lot for a breath of fresh air and stumbles into a crime in progress. Suffering from a heart attack, he is found unconscious, with a dead woman on the ground nearby and the murder weapon in his hand.

With Pickles under investigation from Internal Affairs, it's up to the new kid on the block, J. P. Beaumont, and his friends on the force to find out the truth.


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