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Kiss Me In Paris (Review)

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(Kiss Me, #1)

By: Dmytry Karpov & Kimberly Kinrade
Release Date: July 2nd, 2013
Genre(s): New Adult Contemporary Romance

My Review: (4/5 stars*)

I've read other Kimberly Kinrade books previously so going into this novel I already had expectations, and best of all is that they were met. Kiss Me In Paris is a heartfelt exploration of entwined fates. Winter and Cade are from diverse backgrounds but both are trying to follow their dreams. Each pursuit leads them to Paris and throws them together into an unforgettable twist of events. This story will pull you in from the get-go, it's romantic, dramatic, comedic, and its brimming with emotions. The writing transports the reader to Paris, the character's experiences feels like yours, and the words take you on an adventure. I didn't put this book down for long, and I loved how quickly I got caught up in Cade and Winter's lives.

Kiss Me In Paris begins with Cade's perspective where you learn he lives on a ranch, and is a bona fide cowboy from Texas. He comes from a wealthy family but also a broken one. His father refuses to support him in his decisions, and his brother is disabled and needs to be taken care of. These things all weigh on Cade as he sets off for Paris, leaving behind a complicated past. Winter is a writer—or at least she will be if she can ever pen a decent story. Romantic tales have been what she has longed to write but her college professor tells her that her work isn't real, or personal enough. Finally the long-awaited opportunity to rewrite it in beautiful Paris, France is here, and she's hoping the inspiration will give her the spark she needs to create a love story worth reading about
only to find herself in one. Unfortunately for both their pasts catch up with them and they have no choice but to deal with what they thought they left behind.

I thought this would be mostly serious but it has some scenes that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. It wasn't hard to connect with the characters, and a few situations even mirrored pieces of my own life. I'm not one to cry over books but this one nearly reduced me to tears. It has a lot of heartbreaking moments tossed in to throw you off balance. Winter and Cade's relationship is sweet, realistic, and they go through so much together. The setting was so well written I felt myself longing to visit Paris to see the architecture and art mentioned. The growth of each individual was great, and I liked how the characters conquered their fears inwardly and outwardly. There was a few side characters that I didn't care for, one being Winter's best friend Jenifer who does nothing but get her into bad situations, breaks promises, and is just in general a terrible person. I was annoyed that Winter still continued to try to help her even though she didn't deserve it. There was some redemption to be found but it didn't seem like enough to make me completely forgive her previous actions.

Overall Kiss Me In Paris has so much to offer to romance readers. It has a fresh love story, deep characters, comedic moments, worldly insight, and heartrending issues that need to be faced. It's easy to get carried away and lost in the words, I found this novel beautifully detailed, and genuine. Kinrade and Karpov write well together, and I'm excited to see what the future of the Kiss Me series holds. If you love books that make you laugh, cry, and swoon pick up Kiss Me In Paris!


No one knows my secret. Ever since high school, ever since I started living in fear, no one has known the true me. But then I met him, and I couldn't hide anymore.

He became my hero, saving me from the villain of my past. He became my friend, his smile a blanket of warmth. And he scared me. Because he, this beautiful man, he might become more. Then he'd see the real me, and I couldn't let that happen.

My name is Winter, and what I desire most I can't have.

Flashes of the night I was drugged rush back to me. His strong arms carrying me through the streets of Paris. The feel of his heart beating as my head rested against his chest. The soft press of his lips against my forehead when he thought I was asleep.

Oh shit. I'm falling for the cowboy. Cade.

But we can't be anything more. He has his own secrets. His own darkness he keeps hidden, like the letter he keeps with him everywhere he goes.

The letter he refuses to open.



~Author Bios~

Kimberly Kinrade & Dmytry Karpov 

Karpov Kinrade is the pen name for the husband and wife writing duo of bestselling, award-winning authors Kimberly Kinrade and Dmytry Karpov.

Together, they write fantasy, paranormal, mystery, contemporary romance and hook readers into new and exciting worlds that will leave you laughing your ass off, crying your heart out and falling in love.

Look for more from Karpov Kinrade in the Kiss Me series, Seduced Saga, the Forbidden Trilogy and more coming soon.

They live with three little girls who think they’re ninja princesses with super powers and who are also showing a propensity for telling tall tales and using the written word to weave stories of wonder and magic.


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    I understand what you said about expectactions because I love Kimberly and I've read most of her books. This books is one of the best :)
    Again, amazing review


    1. Awww thank you!! :)

      I read her YA Forbidden Trilogy and loved it. When I discovered she had written New Adult romance novels I was a little hesitant to pick them up. Now I wish I had read them sooner, but I'm so glad Kiss Me In Paris exceeded my expectations. She can really write!

      Thanks Ruty for stopping by!


  2. Thanks so much for your wonderful review, Seirra! It was great to have you as a part of this tour!


    Anne Chaconas, Badass Marketing


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