Thursday, May 25, 2017

Culinary Writing Adventures!

Culinary Writing Adventures?!

That can account for just a small portion of my disappearing act, that, and traveling. Life has an incredibly humorous way of taking a million backroads and winding turns. As I get a little older in age I've realized my hobbies have been multiplying and faceting into more focused niches. I first created this blog to put my opinion out there on reading material that I just couldn't shut up about, it was my way of letting people know exactly how I felt. My thoughts conveyed on all type of stories and wonderful characters, but, as my genre hunger expanded so has my own literal palette for food itself. Oh the irony. What I'm saying with this post is though I may seem transparent to the writing world all has not been lost and nor will it. I still have books lining shelves upon shelves new and old. As long as the desire to read lives on so will my writing (that's eternal). Sometimes you follow a blog and start to see the signs of new developments, like it might be redirecting and morphing into a new area it never discovered before. I'm here to pop on and say this blog will remain about all types of literature, but, don't be surprised, startled, or alarmed if I throw a few posts together that dive into another topic of interest to me personally. Afterall we are all multi-facetted creatures so why should my blog not express itself in new ways occasionally. Also, I understand this has now spiraled into a rant I wasn't aware I was going to go into.

Let's get to the point; HI! I'm back! Lately I've been using my devote love of writing to hone in on quirky, cool, and fun restaurant/bars I visit. My reviews of these places are as unique as my thoughts shared on novels. I cannot begin to tell you how much I live to travel and just share my appreciation of businesses, food, drinks, and anything consumable. It's a very recent but not too new passion of mine. Timelessly I have and will always appreciate the support received and friends I've made just by interacting through a channel of thoughts and ideas regarding this blog. It means terribly much. *Insert teary-eyed emojii here*. I've gotten into that fad too. So for something else to digest please check out my reviews on my culinary adventures. You can find my reviews on Yelp right HERE!!!! (I may end up creating a separate blog entity for it in the nearest future, so look out for it.)

Thanks for reading, and keep doing so!


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