Friday, November 2, 2012

The Awakening (Mini-Review)

(Darkest Powers, #2)

Release Date: April 28th, 2009
Genre(s): YA Fantasy/Paranormal
My Review: (4/5 stars*)

The Awakening was a lot better than The Summoning by bounds. A solid 4 star rating. What The Summoning failed at The Awakening accomplished; lot's of action and suspense. Picks up right where The Summoning left off, Chloe's trapped and on the run. The character's have a lot more depth and growth going on in this book making it even more entertaining. Though a pretty easy and quick read just like the previous book this one tends to be more memorable and enjoyable than the last. A fun read that will have you racing through it to find out what happens next.

Chloe Saunders and her friends had a plan. Don't get caught. But Chloe does exactly that and now she's trapped at the mercy of an experimental organization called The Edison Group. Now the stakes are even higher for escaping and everything she thought she knew about her life was a lie. Betrayed she turns to the most unlikely of allies to make it out alive and help her supernatural friends find Simon and Derek's father - the only one they believe can help them out of this mess. 

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