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Shadows Trilogy (Shadows, #1-2) (Review)

(Books, #1-2)

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Release Date: September 3rd, 2012
Genre(s): YA Paranormal/Romance

My Review: (4/5 stars*)

Insight is enjoyable, entertaining, and an intriguing read. I found myself pulled in instantaneously and really wanted to unravel the mystery behind Micah's gift. Most of the characters were very likeable especially Micah's mom and Landon. Micah is a complex heroine with a unique gift that isolates her from everyone else. She's intelligent, brave, and guarded with a lot of angst. Insight's undertones are a little dark but that's hardly a deterrent as it makes the story all the more gripping. There isn't very much action or conflict aside from the main character's internal emotional issues, and a few small twists, but it is still a very satisfying read that will make you want to get a hold of the next book! Also Landon is a really appealing character - attractive, fun, and wealthy with more to him than just his looks. I can totally see him as Alex Pettyfer and Micah as Britt Robertson.

Micah has always been able to "see" brief images of people's past, present, and future by just touching them. This so-called gift has led her to maintain a life of solitude making her a loner. You'd think that with this ability she might have an advantage but that's far from the case. But when Micah and her mom move to a new town her life gets even more complicated when she bumps into a classmate whose past or future looks grim. However, since she can't tell the difference she lets it be and the next day the girl dies. What makes the situation a thousand times worse is the girl was the best friend of a boy who she may just have a future with as is glimpsed with her ability. Guilt stricken Micah avoids the only person who can save her from herself and a life of isolation. But that's not the only thing on her mind since she was given a school project on a legend that sounds like it could explain her apparent gift--or curse. Now every shadow Micah sees she feels as if its watching her, waiting for something and that freaks her out more than anything.

Jolene Perry's writing is skillfully done and easy to follow. Insight's plot was very interesting, the character's were nicely layered, and it was a great book. There are a couple little surprises that made this book unpredictable and I found that refreshing. I hope to see a continuation of Micah and Landon's story though I know the next book Manipulation (Shadows) is from new character's POV's so I can't wait to see how everything works out. Insight is definitely worth a read as the story and characters will hook you from the beginning! 


Micah hates her ability to “see” things when she touches people. She’s terrified of relationships, holds on to guilt over the death of her classmate, Lacey, and has no idea what to do with a vision from Landon, a boy from her school. She feels him falling for her, but Micah doesn’t do friends, much less relationships.
Enter a spooky history project about a tragedy from three hundred years ago, and voodoo dolls that Micah somehow feels has to do with her gift. Suddenly she’s sure the shadows in the woods are following her every move—without Landon’s relaxed attitude about what’s happening in her life, Micah would be sure she’s going crazy.

With no ideas on timing or specifics, the visions of both herself and the people she cares about are turning dark—and it appears the shadows around her house do move on their own. But as Micah and Landon try to prevent Micah’s visions of the future, the shadows close in, and they’re now afraid they’ve become the cause…

Micah's story is the first of three girls, with unique talents, who are part of a 300 year old tragedy that follows them in the shadows.



Release Date: January 13th, 2013
Genre(s): YA Paranormal/Romance  

My Review: (5/5 stars*)

 Manipulation turned out to be harder to put down than I thought! It was really good and the newly introduced characters Addie and Dean are amazing. Whereas Insight was darker this book was lighter. It was pretty much the exact opposite and I loved that. It was fun, had tons of different twists, loveable characters, and more history on talents. It was everything I felt was missing from the first book, and don't get me wrong I really enjoyed Insight but this was on another level of enjoyment completely. The story ties in well with Micah and Landon's but it's all about Dean and Addie who are two very interesting talents themselves. Their abilities are incredibly cool and surprising.

Addison Prince is rich, gorgeous, and can manipulate anyone into doing what she wants. After all it is her mysterious talent that allows her this advantage. Her life is thrown into chaos when she can't get herself out of a bind and winds up in a life skills class as punishment. It's at this juvenile delinquent class where she meets someone who draws her attention—Dean Courser. Dean is a foster child with only one real goal since being put in the system—to find his younger brother. This mission leads him to trouble when the judge makes him takes a life course class. Never in his most wildest dreams would he think he would find someone like Addison—they have more in common than they both realize. What's strange is that they both start seeing creepy moving shadows, and Addie's father is part of an odd group called The Middle Men for which she knows next to nothing about but starts feeling like she should. Now Addie and Dean wonder if it's safe to possess such gifts and not get noticed.

Manipulation really immerses you and takes you along for the ride. It's a fabulous ride. I loved Dean and Addie's interactions—cautious yet utterly magnetizing. Jolene Perry's writing style is fantastic as is the story development. I liked Manipulation even more than Insight - Dean and Addie really grew on me but I was excited and glad to see Landon and Micah included. If you enjoyed Insight you will most certainly love this enthralling sequel. I highly recommend to those who love reading great paranormal romances with fun twists. With each book new facts arise on the shrouded mystery that is the talents and the Middle Men. Manipulation will keep you up all night trying to finish it! I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Seeker which is the last book in the trilogy.  


Addison Prince has almost always gotten what she wants.

 Dean Courser only wants to find his brother, but it's the one thing he’s failed at... Even with his unusual ability.

Dean and Addison share the gift of Manipulation—a brief touch that forces others to do what they wish. But when they meet and realize their connection, they find more questions than answers. Suddenly Dean is seeing shadows move on their own, and Addison is learning her father’s mysterious group may know more about her abilities than he’s ever let on.

As Dean and Addison second-guess every decision about who they are and why they're wanted, time is running out. With shadows following their every move, they're losing hope they’ll ever get to safety—if such a thing exists.



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  2. This looks like a great series. I'm adding it to my "to read" list.

    1. Awesome I hope if you read it you enjoy it as much as I did :)



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