Friday, May 10, 2013

Kristen Proby (Guest Post)

Today Dear, Restless Reader welcomes Kristen Proby author of Amazon and USA Today's bestselling series With Me in Seattle! Below she shares some insight into writing a good romance story and what she expects from them as a reader!

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What does it take to write a good romance?

This is an excellent question! When you find out, let me know. 


Honestly, this is clearly subjective, but I’ll tell you what makes a good romance for me.
First, there have to be two main characters who are relatable, honest and sexy. I don’t always have to agree with their actions or the way they react to things, but I need to believe them.
The next biggest part of a romance is chemistry. If the characters don’t work together, I’m not interested. I want there to be such intense attraction between the hero and heroine that my iPad bursts into flames.

So, we have believable characters who are hot after each other. Now I need a fun supporting cast, and a setting that the author knows well because nothing is worse than reading a book and you know for a fact that it doesn’t snow in San Diego, but the hero is shoveling snow because it’s December.

I think that for me, I need to know my characters inside out. Even if their backstory doesn’t make it into the book, I need to know it so I know where they’re coming from. I’m very nosy.

Finally, I need a storyline that keeps me engaged. I don’t necessarily need a break up/make up in every book, but I do need some drama.  I’m not really into a lot of angst, but I know some readers thrive on a super angsty love story. For me, I’m content with some drama.

Love scenes are super fun to write, but need to be relevant to the story. Whether my characters are “f*cking” or making love, I try to make it intimate and it propels the story forward in some way, whether it’s by gaining trust, or just them getting to know each other better. Or perhaps when they make love, they’re letting walls down that they haven’t before. Or maybe they’re just having fun with each other, and we get to see a fun side of them.

At the end of the book, I want to feel sated. I want to smile and sigh and think, “Damn, that was good. I wish it didn’t have to end.”

And always, always, always… there has to be a happily ever after.

Thank you so much for hosting me today! This was a lot of fun. 

xx Kristen

~Author Bio~

Kristen is the author of the Amazon and USA Today bestselling With Me In Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type; fiercely protective and a bit bossy, and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves.

Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate and sunshine. And naps.


  1. Great answer. I like how she mentions having the characters have fun together. I think those are my favorite scenes in romance books. Fun banter, teasing games, makling each other laugh. I feel like so many books make relationships so serious and dramatic and it makes the relationship feel less believable - why are they together if they never seem to just laugh and fun?

    1. I wholeheartedly agree! I love playful and witty banter between the love interests it keeps things entertaining :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I love hearing them!!



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