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 Seirra Poirier

Hi, my name is Seirra (yes that's the correct spelling!) but occasionally I also go by CC Graziano. I'm twenty-two and I reside in the wonderful state of Pennsylvania in a town far less interesting than that of the places I read about in books. I'm the sole blog manager on Dear, Restless Reader and I started blogging in July of 2012 but didn't become active until October of 2012. This site began as a place to share my opinions on novels I really enjoyed and every once in awhile the ones I didn't. I never really knew the impact my reviews would have, or about the book-reviewing community, and that I'd actually have any readers. How amazed I was to discover this wonderful online existence. It's been the most rewarding experience and I hope to keep doing what I'm doing. 

I'm a proud Avon Addict/Alumni, and I'm also a super reader for Harper Voyager. My Avon reviews can be found on AvonRomance. I've also contributed reviews & articles on Pure Textuality, and The Mortal Institute!

I'm a life-long book reader. I can't remember a time when I wasn't reading, I started at a young age. As a teenager I was wickedly obsessed with R.L. Stine's Fear Street series, then moved on to devour Lois Duncan's suspenseful novels. I could never just stick to one genre so here on my blog I review them all. Some of my favorites are YA/adult: urban fantasy, dystopia, PNR, and any stories with romance in them. I also have an appreciation for illustrated works so I love reviewing comics, manga, and middle-grade. 

Aside from bookish stuff I enjoy traveling when I can get off work. Frequently I volunteer to work convention events for television series and other entertainment related affairs. I just loved being involved in all aspects of amusement. I speak a little French but understand it more than articulation. I have two siblings, we're triplets. I'm grateful they're really cool. I have an adorable rebel of a cat named Chloe; she is a very good listener and not much of a talker but big on meowing. She's also my mobile alarm clock. Reading and writing have always been a big part of my life so it seem only natural to start a blog and discuss the things I'm most passionate about - which is books! I try to read every day though I don't always have the time - life likes to intrude on that dream. My goal is to help others spark their reading passion. This blog is my creative outlet and I hope people can relate to my own opinions as well as find a good book to read and share it with family and friends. If you've read this far I thank you for your time in getting to know me a little and hope you share my blog with others who are just as restless of a reader as I am. - Seirra


  1. Hello!
    Just signed up to your blog! I'm looking for lots of books to read this year (my big goodreads challenge) and it looks like you've got lots of recommendations!

    Also very jealous that you can just visit Canada whenever you want to! I've always wanted to go but it's a little difficult to get there from England!


  2. Hi Seirra!

    Thanks for following my blog! Sorry I never emailed you, but it was so great meeting you at BEA and standing in line for Rick Riordan. Did you end up meeting Cassandra Clare? I decided to meet Jim Carrey instead, but I did see Cassandra Clare walking into the building and snapped a picture. =)

    Hope you're doing well! Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about books or whatever. My personal email is awritersway@gmail.com

    =) Christine


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