Friday, November 2, 2012

Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Review)

(Night Huntress World, #2)

Release Date: July 27th, 2010

Genre(s):  Adult Paranormal Romance  

My Review: (5/5 stars*)

Eternal Kiss of Darkness is very addicting. Switching between Mencheres' p.o.v. and Kira's it tells both their stories. Initially I refused to purchase this book because I didn't really care for Mencheres because he's portrayed as intimidating and heartless in the Night Huntress series. But I fear I've misjudged this book immensely and Mencheres' story - which was unfair because it was absolutely fantastic. Within reading the first couple chapters maybe even before then I was immediately drawn into the story. A lot like Cat's tale Kira doesn't accept Mencheres or her feelings towards him right away. She's an independently strong woman whose job description is to save lives as a P.I.. His job description on the other hand is to take lives. But they have one thing in common - they both have dark pasts. Opposites attract in this excitingly thrilling book. Delivering the perfect blend of action, intrigue, and romance. Jeaniene Frost is a very talented writer; this book is downright alluring. Mencheres is a sexy Egyptian master vampire whose backstory is absolutely fascinating and totally worth unveiling! I also enjoyed the appearances of Vlad Tepesh, Bones, and Cat; it adds a layer of understanding to his friendships from his own perspective.


One night while walking home Kira Graceling hears screams coming from an empty building; against her best judgement she investigates, after all as a P.I. it would be nearly impossible for her to ignore it. What she walks in on is a scene straight from a nightmare. Mencheres finds it unfathomable why anyone would try and save him let alone a human stranger at the risk of their own life. He is intrigued by this beautiful and courageous mortal for thousands of years nothing surprised him and nothing made him care until he met Kira. She challenges him in ways he could have never imagined and with an old enemy bent on destroying his life he finds himself torn between protecting her and protecting his line no matter what the cost.

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