Thursday, March 7, 2013

Exhale (Review)

(Just Breathe, #2)

Release Date: June 5th, 2012
Genre(s): Adult Paranormal/Romance

*Presented by: Rumor Has It*

My Review: (5/5 stars*)

A review copy was provided for an honest review. Kendall Grey once again outdoes herself with her writing. Exhale is amped up in every way making the romance steamier, the violence greater, and the ability to put this book down harder! Zoe and Gavin's story gets even more complex with wildly shocking twists that will keep you on the brink of your seat. Every time I told myself to read just one more page it ended up becoming 5 more chapters, it was un-put-downable! I really enjoyed this book so much and felt it had stepped up its game further. Unlike Inhale (A Just Breathe Novel) which spends a lot of time in the Dreaming, Exhale is mostly set in Realis which is exciting, and again, a refreshing change of pace. Kendall Grey knows how to hold people's interest with her words and she keeps readers turning the pages! Exhale captures minds with smoothly flowing sentences and its fascinatingly compelling deliverance of this imaginatively clever story.

Picking up from the moment Inhale left off Exhale jumps right in and places you in Gavin Cassidy's mind. Tensions are running high as Gavin and Zoe try to make things work in Realis. Which is much more difficult since the delusional and deadly Fyre Scarlet is hot on their tails. She'll stop at nothing to make sure they don't get their happy ending. But more problems surface when Gavin is unexpectedly chosen to be leader of the Sentinel council. All the while the Fyre Elementals are creating even more chaos in the Dreaming every second the door isn't found. Zoe's boss is holding the promotion she's worked her whole career to achieve over her head. And once Randy stops breathing down her neck he sends someone new to work for her crew and Iri isn't who he appears to be...

In this sequel their is a lot going on and it has a surprise ending that will leave you absolutely hooked. The writing is once again excellent, the characters are beautifully fleshed out, the plot is insanely good and unpredictable, and the building romance is downright hot. Whales still play a significant role in Exhale and continues to show the brilliance of these creatures. The antagonist Scarlet is all kinds of levels of crazy and she's willing to do whatever it takes to get Gavin. It's twistedly entertaining to watch her character get even more dangerous as she plots her revenge. Zoe Morgan is brave and intelligent as ever--I absolutely love her character! Gavin is well--Gavin--smoking hot, with sexy tattoos, badass Sentinel abilities, a cocky attitude, and tons of Australian charm. I couldn't get enough of Zoe and Gavin's relationship - it's complicated, emotionally overwhelming, and a whole lot of hot. Prepare to ride the waves of emotion in this fantastic sequel!! 


Her dreams brought them together, but reality could tear them apart…The man of Zoe Morgan’s dreams isn’t only real, he’s interested. In her. But her boss wants her too, and is leveraging his unsolicited advances with the threat of blocking the huge promotion she's after. When he places a spy on her research team, the intense stranger discovers more than he should, and Zoe fears hiding a relationship with Gavin Cassidy from her boss is the least of her worries. The whale she must protect has been marked for death, and Zoe's old enemy Scarlet is eager to deliver the killing blow. To both of them.

Australia’s Sentinels must find and lock the door into the Dreaming before Fyre Elementals launch another attack on innocent dreamers. But corruption and distrust abound, and Gavin believes someone on the Sentinel council is in league with the Fyres. As he reluctantly embraces his new role as council leader, Gavin must not only keep Zoe safe from Scarlet's vengeful clutches, but organize a Sentinel defense strong enough to prevent a full-blown Elemental war—with a traitor fighting by his side.

*This book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

**The author will donate all profits from the sale of the JUST BREATHE trilogy to programs that educate people about whales and the challenges they face.



  1. Have not come across this book before, it's always nice to see something new come up on my radar. Thanks!

    1. Hey Beth, glad you're considering on reading this one, it's great :) Make sure to read the first book in this trilogy titled Inhale (Just Breathe, #1). I highly recommend the whole series!!

      Thanks for stopping by - have a wonderful day!



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