Saturday, October 19, 2013

Seeking Bloggers! Wanna write/blog for Dear, Restless Reader?

Interested in blogging for Dear, Restless Reader? Read on!

These past few months have been tough for me as a blogger, I love writing reviews, promoting authors, and immersing myself in the blogging world. Lately though, I haven't been at the top of my game. My attention has been divided between other ongoing projects, having a life, and just balancing important things in general. I wish I could write 2-3 reviews a week, I feel I owe it to my blog and followers to do so but it's not possible. Instead of posting only a few times a week I've decided to take on a few co-bloggers. I'm looking for people with a passion for reading and writing who can commit to writing reviews and taking part in other blogging activities. I want my site to have quality content and be the best it has ever been and that's why I'm looking for people who want to write for my site. I started blogging a little over a year ago and I think it's time to bring some new people aboard who are just as excited about books as I am. This isn't goodbye or anything like that, I'm still going to write reviews/posts as often as I've been but I'm looking for some extra help!

Why write for Dear, Restless Reader? 

Exposure! The site has nearly 500 followers, and gets thousands of views monthly. You'll also get great reviewing/interviewing opportunities to interact and write reviews for some of your favorite authors. You'll get to read the kind of books you love, share your opinions, and discuss them with other bloggers/fans. It'll give you writing experience, and you'll learn about blogging, publishing, and writing in the process. Most importantly it's fun! Since creating this blog that has been the most important factor of all. The benefits outweigh everything, and there's many fantastic writing opportunities for you!

How can you apply to be a blogger?

Easy, you can email me at Include "Dear, Restless Reader Blogger Applicant" in the headline and tell me a little about yourself, why you're interested, and what books you like to read. I'll email you back to ask you a few other questions to see if you'll be a good fit here. That's all. If you'd prefer an easier way to apply you can just fill out this form here.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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