Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tempt Me, Cowboy (Review)

(Copper Mountain Rodeo, #1)

Publisher: The Tule Group
Published: September 8th, 2013
Genre(s): Adult Contemporary Romance

My Review: (4/5 stars*)

Tempt Me, Cowboy is the first novella in a new romance-oriented series. It's inviting from the start, and is blazing with passion and chemistry. I hadn't expected a whole lot out of this short read but I ended up liking it a lot. Generally I prefer long full-length novels but Tempt Me, Cowboy gave me everything a 300 page book would and more! The protagonist has her share of issues, with an overconfident Texan who riles her up, their opposites attract romance, and a town full of people who know everyone's business. Drama, flirtation, lively banter, and a lot of fun is what you can expect to find. I found Chelsea—the main heroine—charming and funny. Her propriety and how she's been living her life mirroring her mother's is most amusing. She even has the clothes to prove it. Jasper is as you would predict a walking temptation, he rides a motorcycle, is a Texan Casanova, and has millions of dollars which might as well be monopoly money for all Chelsea is concerned.

Thirty-year-old Chelsea Collier has always been seemingly content with the life she lives as a high-school history teacher in small town Marietta, Montana but the moment she meets Jasper Flint she suddenly feels like she's missing out. Jasper gets under her skin and ignites her fire, and makes her want to be more daring—take risks—whatever the consequences. The only flaw with getting involved with a filthy rich man from Texas is that he'll eventually leave—they always do. Not only is he all kinds of trouble but he's bought out the old-depot in town and wants to convert a piece of history—that was supposed to be a museum—into a microbrewery. Never one to be the center of attention Chelsea becomes the main attraction in town when Jasper brings out another side of her she didn't know existed. A one-night stand turned-relationship simply cannot last but maybe love stands a chance.

I liked that the protagonist is so blind to how aged she has become by following directly in her mother's footsteps. It's only once she meets Jasper—an out-of-towner—that she takes a good hard look at herself and her life and sees the inevitably dull future that lies ahead. The smaller moments where she takes the reins and does what no one expects are the best ones, and through it all Jasper encourages this. In a small town it's easy to just feel like you can't be anyone but who you've always been, and if you change it's the first thing people notice. For Chelsea it's a thrilling and empowering discovery, one you cannot help but smile at while she figures things out for herself.

It won't take you long to read Tempt Me, Cowboy but you'll surely enjoy it! It has a hot and sweet romance, a rich setting, and a bunch of amusing characters in the town of Marietta. Crane really makes you feel like you've just read a full novel's worth of a story—it's truly satisfying. Skillful writing and a cute narrative lends to an afternoon well spent. Each book in the Copper Mountain Rodeo series is written by a different author and the novellas focus on new characters from/around Marietta, MT. I'm eager to see what the other authors will contribute in future installments!


Too much temptation…

Chelsea Collier wants nothing more than to save the old depot built by her railway baron ancestor and turn it into a museum—until it’s sold out from under her!
Jasper Flint made himself filthy rich in the Texas oil business by the age of 35. Now he wants a quieter life and building a microbrewery in Marietta, Montana is the perfect project.
Neither one of them knows what to do with the passion that explodes between them! But Chelsea knows a man like Jasper will never stay in one place for too long. Can he convince her that this time, he means to stay?


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