Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why I Love Young-Adult Books

Why I love Young-Adult books:

Why do I love YA? Because I relate completely with young adults, and YA books are always emotionally satisfying. I find myself in a lot of similar situations as some of the characters written about in these particular books (seeing as I'm only 19). Aside from that young adult books express a lot of creative storylines and incorporates the aspect of having fun and usually you can get lost in an exciting world of fantasy in YA more so than in adult or other genre books. YA gives me escapism from my run of the mill life and lets my mind wander on an adventure that eludes in reality. It gives me a break that sometimes I really need and that's the ultimate reason for loving young adult books.

Some of my favorite YA reads include: My Merlin series by: Priya Ardis, the Archers of Avalon Trilogy by: Chelsea Fine, the Significance series by: Shelly Crane, Star-Crossed series by: Rachel Higginson, and Penryn & The End of Days series by: Susan Ee. Each of these authors inspire me with there creative minds and unique stories. The genre of YA I especially love reading is Paranormal/Romance, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian, Science Fiction, and Contemporary works. Fiction is my favorite because it's created from your imagination: anything you can possibly think of weaved into a story that allows your thoughts to run wild. Non-fiction is too close to reality and I like to take mental vacations from real life sometimes and this is why I find myself with a YA book because it includes every incredible thing in a realm where impossibility can happen. Sometimes you think to yourself "I wish life were like that", or "I wish that would really happen". "Wouldn't that be cool?". That's what YA does for me.

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